From Near Death to International Glamour Model

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I’m a firm believer that anyone, regardless what life has dealt them, can be successful and prosperous if they want it bad enough inside their hearts.  I also believe that what we dream of being a child when we grow up may not be the same path that comes to pass when we actually get old enough to pursue it; and being willing to change with the tide can prove for fruitful in the long run. For Abigail Rich both scenarios played out in her amazing story.

Abigail’s life started tumultuously.  She was abandoned by her mother when she was two months old.  She spent life going to new foster families her whole life sometimes twice a year.  She never knew where or whom she’d end up with next.  She bounced from school to school, had good and negative foster families but she never let it be a factor on her success.

When Abigail was a teenager she realized she wanted to be a paramedic.  She is a very compassionate person and wants to help her fellow man whenever possible.  Being their lifeline in their darkest hour was that passion she craved.

What Abigail didn’t realize is her dream almost cost her – her life!  She was in the Helivac Paramedics, the team of paramedics that fly helicopters to severe emergencies.  In many cases when the helicopter comes to your accident you have just minutes to live.  They was on an assignment when something went wrong with the helicopter, the helicopter ended up crashing to the ground from about 1,000 plus feet in the air.

The accident broke numerous bones in her body.  She was speared and had a lot of trouble breathing.  Ironically a helicopter paramedic team was dispatched to save her life.  From the minute they arrived she refused to go with them, thinking she was well enough to get herself to the hospital.  Her delusional state didn’t allow her to see the peril she was in.  She started to act out of character by flirting with the paramedic trying to save her; this probably came from her state of shock and blood loss.  Eventually the paramedics got her in the helicopter and safely to the hospital.

“I don’t flirt much but I remember flirting with the man in the basket of the helicopter that was coming to my rescue.  He wrapped his hand threw my hair, which felt good to me, but it was for something else – not flirting.  I refused to go up in the helicopter but I didn’t realize how badly I was injured.  I told him I would get myself there.  Then he yanked me by my hair and got me in the basket because I refused, and that was the last thing I remember”

She has a very slim chance of survival from her injuries but regardless of the odds her will to live was more powerful than the injuries she sustained.  Abigail made a full recovery over time shocking those who cared for and loved her.

Abigail was lucky because she did not meet her demise that day.  She had some physical and emotional scars from the incident but she was alive and well.  What happened after her incident was as life changing as her accident because everything she had dreamed of as a child was about to change.  She would then be forced to go with the tide or sit and wonder “what if”.

Despite her perception of herself she became an International Glamour and Playboy model.  You can ask her straight out if she considers herself beautiful; and she will without hesitation reply “I never thought of myself as beautiful”.  How can someone with that perception of themselves be in an industry where egos and self perception are king is mind boggling but she’s doing it.

Throughout her career, scars and all, she stayed true to herself.  She wears those scars proudly as it’s a trophy of her beating death;  plus she sets a positive example for women everywhere showing them that you can have flaws and be beautiful, scars and all. She realized that it’s how you perceive the flaws that makes it a negative or positive in your life.

Her resume is quite impressive to say the least. She became a Bunny at the Playboy Club at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas Nevada.  She spent one year as one of “America’s Sweethearts” joining the coveted role as a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader.  In November 2014 she was featured in Playboy Magazine in two different countries.  She’s been in numerous photo spreads, modeled at fashion shows, and other modeling gigs for various purposes.

Being a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader was a grueling task.  Lots of practice, tons of competition to get on the team, and you only make $100.00 per game.  However it was a very rewarding experience for me.

Even though her heart is set in the modeling industry as an “international Glamour Model” you can see her in a variety of acting roles as well.  She’s been on a variety of commercials, serial TV shows and feature films.  One of which is “The Hangover 3” and “Paul Blart Mall Cop 2”.

Abigail’s amazing life story with in-depth detail will be released by Writestream Publishing.  The partnership was announced in May 2015.  The actual release date of the biography has yet to be set.

Abigail’s amazing personality makes her beautiful both inside and out.  Her take on the modeling industry makes her a true role model for young women everywhere as she stands up for what she believes in, she’s a humanitarian, a true symbol of beauty (not a product of Photoshop that distorts the perception of real beauty), and she’s there to help anyone who needs her anytime they call on her.

Having the pleasure to sit down and talk with her made me realize how special this woman is.  She opened my eyes to the modeling industry, solidifying my belief that true beauty still exists and people aren’t really as shallow in an industry of beauty.  If you want to know what beautiful looks like in it’s true form, then look at Abigail Rich and you will understand what I see everyday in people everywhere – all you have to do is just take off your blinders.

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