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Photographs of ancient bugs or creatures forever enshrined in amber can make for a great photograph, especially when you use the right lighting temperatures and backgrounds.  It’s a powerful picture when the dark yellow colors take over the visual senses contrasted against the dark black or grey backgrounds.

For Photographer Blake Little, he wanted to create the same effect using people.  He didn’t want to kill them, and waiting thousands of years was out of the question.  So Little decided to engulf models with rich yellow honey to create the illusion of amber enshrined subjects.

His new series “Preservation Photographs” depict these models (both men and women) nude with sticky dripping honey rolling over their bodies.  The effect is a stunning subject that he mixes perfectly with lighting and simplistic backgrounds.

When you cover someone in honey, it has the effect of making them look like they’re in amber – that they’re preserved” says Little “and that’s how I came up with the idea and started calling the pictures the preservation photographs”

The photographs are amazing to look at.  The slow flowing golden honey rolling off their skin almost like molasses, the beautiful accent lighting and black backgrounds and a mix of models from male to female with different body structures make this series something you won’t want to miss.

It’s amazing that it takes over 900 five pound jugs of honey for the series.  For the models this would be a benefit for their skin because honey is a natural antibiotic.  Ancient Egyptians would rub honey on cuts and burns to protect it from infection.  Infections are fungus are destroyed by honey – so for these models it was a day in the spa!

The series “Preservation” has been compiled into a photo book and will be featured in an upcoming exhibit at Kepeikin Gallery in Los Angeles, CA.




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