Photographer Fights Racism with Art



Internationally exhibiting photographer Jason Dowd has decided to use his art as a way to combat racism through a new art series “A Beautiful World”.

When he was growing up the color of one’s skin never occurred to him.  He always saw people as people regardless of where they came from, what color their skin was, what religion they practice or their sexual preference.  But the country is divided, people are hyphenating their origins and it’s destroying this country internally.

Racism is simply hate towards another race for any reason.  Hate is taught regardless what anyone says, and that means being taught a different way can change the perception of those around us.

Dowd has spent his entire life being fascinated by different cultures and religions.  He’s studied just about every religion known to man because it allowed him to get a better understanding of how other’s think.  He also studied the various cultures and their customs from their native dress to their foods.

“Because I decided to keep my blinders off and research and learn about other cultures and religions, I became a more rounded individual and I see without red glasses how beautiful the world is with it’s diversity.  I don’t want to all be the same, it’s too boring.  I want diversity with a common goal of loving and respecting each other” – says Dowd

Dowd fell in love with the beautiful outfits that different cultures wore throughout time.  The beauty in the outfits and perception of beauty inspired him to create “A Beautiful World” art series.

The series depicts cultures from all over the world dressed in their native outfits.  The goal is to show people how amazing the diversity is; to embrace the diversity as opposed to bullying it.

By showing the world the different cultures and how they make up this beautiful world we live in, Dowd hopes that the series will educate others, open their eyes and retrain the world to UNHATE.

This series is something Dowd doesn’t intend to make a dime on.  He doesn’t want to profit from this in anyway.  The photos are not for sale, but they are available for show both in live events and on his website.

The photos are to be a tool that educates the people who view them to show them what a beautiful world we live in.

Some of the photos will show the national flag of the model’s origins.  The models are actually from the areas making it more authentic.  Dowd sometimes includes actual landscapes from the area depicted or he creates incredible shots that show off the native dress.

As far as he knows this is the only series of it’s kind.  His goal is to photograph every country in the world.  Currently he has Romania, Saudi Arabia and China.

He asks anyone that wants to be a model to contact him through his website

For me the best part of this series is not taking the photographs but learning about such amazing places and meeting people that forever change my life.  I hope this series helps to eliminate racism globally. – Jason Dowd



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Jason Dowd

Jason is the founder of "The AME Experience". He hosts the syndicated AME Radio show and TV show. Jason is an Internationally Exhibiting Photographer and Artist who adores art of all mediums. He is also the founder of "Imagine-Nation Art Studio".

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