Makeup Artist to the Extreme


Recently browsing the social media outlets I ran across this amazing portrait of the Mona Lisa, a signature portrait by Leonardo Da Vinci.  At first glance it looks like a woman standing in front of a projector having the image shown on her face.


Researching it more that is not what you see at all.  This is Lisa Houghton, a makeup artist that literally brings the term “your face is a canvas” to reality.

She is probably one of the most remarkable artists I’ve come across for a variety of reasons.  One, her work is on her own face and painted with makeup by her, meaning she has to look in a mirror and accurately portray these masters backwards!  Two – She’s accurately painting a masterpiece on her face using makeup not paint.

The Mona Lisa is not her only piece, she’s duplicated a lot of timeless works of art as well.  What’s sad is that eventually the work of art is gone from it’s canvas.

You can see all her work by going to her Instagram page.


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