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If you are like most people you yearn for a long weekend, most of us get two days off but sometimes we strike the jackpot and get 3.  We are elated when one of those comes around as it’s far and few in between.  Imagine now you have an opportunity to get a four day weekend, well would you laugh at it?  Probably so if someone suggested we might actually get to enjoy one; however this four day weekend we are talking about isn’t time off of work at all… sorry to burst your bubble; but this one may be even better.

OK, so we were a bit dishonest when we were talking about weekends, but this four day weekend is even better than a long break from work because you will laugh and forget the worries of everyday life for a while.

The “Four Day Weekend” we’re talking about actually a traveling improv comedy group. Their act started over 25 years ago in Fort Worth, TX when a group of friends joined forces.  Those guys are David Ahearn, David Wilk, Frank Ford, and Troy Grant.  Four Day Weekend has since grown to incorporate five more cast members in addition to the five co-founders.

The Critically-acclaimed comedy group Four Day Weekend is the longest-running show in the southwest.  The show is so popular they actually created their own theater where they entertain sold out crowds.

The art of improvisation can be quite challenging.  As the Co-Founder Frank Ford says

“improvisation is unscripted.  Most of the time the ideas come from the audience at random which means you never know what you are going to have to do, but you have to be funny.  One of the motto’s we live by as improv artist is ‘yes and…’  The best part of improv is that no two shows are the same and you never know what level of crazy you will reach.

With improv it’s not as likely that you will be the brunt of anyone’s jokes or singled out in the crowd… but they won’t rule it out.  Improv tells a funny story with witty dialog that’s delivered right there on the spot to catch you off guard; hopefully not off guard enough that you wet your pants laughing, but I’m sure that’s a compliment to them – embarrassing to you but a compliment to them.

Watching Four Day Weekend continue stories between the cast members unrehearsed and unscripted is something magical to witness.  They deliver it so well you’d swear they used a decoy to make it look like it was a random individual coming up with a topic that was “really” rehearsed before the show – but rest assured that is not the case.

If you are not in the Fort Worth, TX area to see the group it’s OK because they do travel the country taking their critically-acclaimed art on the road.  They do this with corporate bookings.  The group will come and perform at award shows, banquets, and keynote speaking.  Over the years they’ve even performed in front of US Presidents.

Four Day Weekend Training Center

What you may not realize about Four Day Weekend is they are more than just an improv comedy show you can come and enjoy after a hard day’s work.  In addition to their award winning show, they also created a training center for those who wish to expand their interest in the art of improvisation.  The center is called “The Four Day Weekend Training Center”.  The mission for the training center is to provide students of all skill levels the necessary tools to grow as an improviser. The training center has five levels ranging from beginner to performer.

Four Day Weekend’s list of shows, information about their Training Center and other important information can be found at their website


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