Architect Stephen Francis Jones Creates Masterpiece That Combines Food and Play


I remember growing up how much fun it was to visit places like Chuck E Cheese.  There I could eat pizza and play video games, skeet ball and swim in ball pits as much as my heart desires.  It literally was the one stop shop for entertainment and food.  The one problem with Chuck E Cheese is that eventually you grow up and the establishment doesn’t; they will forever cater to the children of the communities they do business in.

As children grow up into adults, the desire for places like this are still desirable. We still want to eat and have fun all in one place.  For millennials this is becoming especially important and therefore a demand is present.

Architect Stephen Francis Jones answered the call from young adults who want an adult place to hang out, eat and have fun with friends and family as they did years ago at places like Chuck E Cheese.  These establishments are hip, modern and a gigantic step up from the childhood video game/eatery places we enjoyed years ago.

Jone’s eye for detail, interior design and functionality made him a called upon name for a project of this magnitude.  The concept was called Foundry & Lux, constructed in San Francisco, CA.  This concept would soon be turned into a work of art that is not only a great place to hang out if you are in the San Francisco Bay area but an artistic masterpiece that compliments the building’s surrounding neighborhood.

The name Foundry & Lux has historical ties to South San Francisco’s past — when cattle and steel ruled the growing region. The theme also ties into the space’s aesthetic components, which incorporate rustic reclaimed wood and steel with luxurious design touches.

Along with the restaurant, Foundry & Lux is packed full amenities like a bowling ally, yoga studio, bar, and Zen garden, pool tables, bocce ball, outdoor seating around a fireplace, and more. An onsite edible garden will also grow produce that will be used in the dishes, and influence the menu throughout the seasons.

As the trend grows across the US, Jones will be erecting his art work from coast to coast giving us a amazing places to have fun, relax and eat.

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