Animal Defenders International Brings Animal Abuse to Life in Documentary


When we visit the circus it’s not hard to fall in love with those majestic creatures on display for our entertainment.  The mighty and ferocious lions and tigers, the monstrous and powerful elephants and fierce yet adorable bears all doing amazingly human feats that defy their DNA.

From the outside looking in, these animals seem to be very happy and content with their life.  It looks like they love the warm lights of the big top.  The problem is that many people don’t look beyond the silk screen perpetrated by the organization that owns them.  We don’t look at what goes on behind the scenes.

Animal rights activists have fought against animals in entertainment for years.  Claims of abuse arise almost weekly.  Accusations of small living conditions, lack of proper nutrition, improper breeding, and keeping the animals from their natural habitat lifestyle is down right wrong.  Here in the US, we do have some strict guidelines these organizations need to follow for the benefit of the animals; though most animal right groups still feel this is not good enough.

Abroad in other countries, they may not have the same protections our country forces these companies to adhere to.  The situations for these animals could be considered deplorable.

One group called “Animal Defenders International” (ADI) decided to take action.  They went into Bolivia to track down circuses that defy the law.  In doing so they managed to save 25 lions from unspeakable living conditions and abuse.

“Lion Ark”, an action adventure documentary, tracked the entire voyage and mission of ADI though the country of Bolivia in South America.  It exposed the corruption of these organizations, the abuse and liberation of these amazing animals.

Sadly, these animals can’t live in the wild because they are too accustomed to human interaction.  The animals were flown to safety to live the rest of their lives out in approved zoos, rescues and sanctuaries.

Lion Ark will hit all your emotions in this movie.  You will be angry at the situation, sad at the conditions the animals lived in and happy when the animals are released.  It will teach you how these organizations work and why supporting them only breeds further abusive behavior for more animals of various species.  It’s a valuable lesson we all should learn before we buy a ticket to the circus when it comes into town.

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