Disney’s Descendants 2 is a Sequel Worth Watching


I was a huge fan of the first Descendants movie.  A story where four villain kids are invited to attend school at Auradon Prep by soon to be King, Ben to give the children of the villains a chance at a normal life.   He chose Mal (Maleficent Daughter), Evie (Evil Queen’s Daughter), Carlos (Cruella De’Ville’s Son) and Jay (Jafar’s Son).  In the first movie those 4 kids decided to turn good and Mal even defeated her evil mother – probably the most evil villain in the world.  Now how can you top that.

Lets face it most sequels are not worth watching.  They tend to duplicate the first movie or second movie depending how many exist and it becomes a tired storyline.  They try to out do the first movie which makes it end up over hyped with unnecessary things taking place.  When Disney announced a 2nd movie I was quite apprehensive.

If the movie followed suit with typical sequels, there is a good chance it could ruin the powerful first movie.  However I was pleasantly surprised, in fact I can’t decide which one I like better.

The second movie features Mal who can’t live up to the pressure of being King Ben’s girlfriend and lady of the court.  She feels Ben doesn’t see her real self so she returns to the Isle where Ben follows her and gets captured.

Without giving anything away, the kids try to save Ben and bring him home safely.  Mal will fight her inner demons and try to prevail in the end and Uma, daughter of Ursula will try to reign over Auradon any way she can while getting revenge on Mal.  New romances blossom and the lives of everyone (Mal, Evie, Lonnie, Carlos, Jay, Ben and Jane) will never be the same.

Since Uma is the main villain in this movie the theme circles “The Little Mermaid”.

The music, the continuing storyline from the 1st movie, the costumes and the AMAZING ending send chills down my spine when I watch.  Kenny Ortega hit a home run with this one taking the movie to a whole new level.  They left it open for a possibility of a third movie which I truly hope they make.

If you haven’t seen the first one you really need to in order to understand “Wicked World” as the story really continues in the second movie.  This is a must see movie of the summer for anyone especially Disney fanatics like me.


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