Alicia G: From Beauty Queen to Pop Star an Inside Look at Her Life In the Public Eye


If ever there was a person who was born to entertain, it was Alicia G.  Since she was born Alicia took the stage to entertain and compete.  It’s hard to believe that anyone who hasn’t even entered school yet or old enough to dress them self, they could have a career in the spotlight entertaining the masses, but that’s what she did.

Alicia has been in beauty pageants since she was a baby.  It was something she grew even more passionate about as she grew older.  She thrived for the competition and like any young lady, enjoyed being in amazing outfits and wearing lots of beautiful makeup.  She also loved the spotlight, because when the spotlight shined upon her face, she became alive and nothing else mattered except entertaining those who came to watch.

Off the stage she was just your typical girl next door.  She hung out with friends, she went to school, she went to school dances, she did her homework and she looked to fit in just as any young adult does.  However everyone knew she was a bit different, a diamond in the rough if you will, and she was destined to make it big somehow, putting her town of Buffalo, NY on the map.

As she entered more and more pageants, it soon blossomed into a successful modeling career.  She was cast in various photo shoots for magazines, calendars and commercial print.  She quickly became the girl everyone wanted on their products.  She was now a household name.

Her modeling career and pageants would eventually lead her into a whole new direction for her career.  It came when she was a teenager in High School when a coach suggested she try out for a reality TV show and an acting career.  Most people would be super excited over the chance to have their face on TV, but ironically for Alicia she was against it at first along with her family.

With some convincing Alicia’s family decided to give it a chance.  They were cast in a popular reality TV show called “Wife Swap.”  The show features two families swapping wives who then try to fit in with the other family.  The twist is these wives come to live with people who are usually polar opposites to them.  It puts them out of their comfort zone which usually causes serious friction.  When they are finally reunited with their family, many come to realize how much they appreciate what they have while some families break up.

The show which Alicia appeared in was one of the most viewed episodes of Wife Swap ever recorded.  The fame would make her known from coast to coast, it would bring in major opportunities for her budding entertainment career and help her family reach the good life… except that wasn’t what happened.

Once the camera crews started to film, Alicia realized right out of the gate that reality TV was anything but reality.  The entire show was scripted.  The producers had an idea of what each family member would be like, and you were expected to play that role.  The reason for scripting was to ensure their viewers would get exactly what they tune in to see: conflicts, drama and someone to hate.  For this episode the person to hate was Alicia.

The producers identified Alicia was a popular and beautiful girl who they could use to sell her as a stuck up brat who had the world handed to her, while she looked down over everyone from her nose.  It was perfect and most importantly sellable.  Alicia however was anything but a stuck up brat who was so self absorbed and demanding that was the issue, but she trusted the producers which would cost her.

As an actress she was able to play the role to perfection, the audience thought she need a serious paddling, and they questioned her mother’s parenting skills.  There was drama and hate and the audience ate it up.  They decided to put the cherry on the cake to complete the role.

In a testimonial segment they created for Alicia, they decided that she would say “I feel sorry for anyone that isn’t pretty or beautiful”.  The statement is disgusting and it will have a serious impact on the viewers especially ones that have a complex about their looks; because here is a beautiful model saying something very condescending.

At first Alicia fought against the statement because it was against everything she stood for, and it broke the stance she took in the beauty pageants growing up; yet she was forced to do it, being under contract.  Alicia reluctantly said what she was scripted to say and then the damage was done.

Immediately after the show aired to millions of people across the US, including a lot of her classmates, she received a vicious backlash.  She quickly lost friends and was consequently bullied by men and women in her school.

Some people pushed her down stairs; called her names, isolated her, and even physically abused her.  She recalled that the bullying and abuse escalated into an event that would forever scar her.  It was more than just a few names and a small bruise that would eventually heal.  This time was was raped by a classmate.

Despite the backlash and daily fight she had to endure, Alicia finished school and decided to fix her name while pursuing a dream of being a recording artist.  She used the negative and abuse in her life as a tool and motivation to overcome everything and achieve her dream.

What she didn’t know after graduating high school was that her dream of being a recording artist was about to happen.  It wasn’t long before she started to produce singles (Hip Hop/Rap) music which will eventually become a full length album.

Her lyrics are fun and have a positive message as she fights back to the world against the wrongs done to her.  She realized quickly how strong words truly are so she was able to use her talents and musical platform to tell others to stand up for themselves against bullies and the negative attacks the world sends your way. In 2017 she released her newest single “Ca$h and a Nap” along with the supporting music video.


Today, Alicia G is an advocate against bullying.  She will listen to and stand up for anyone that falls victim to senseless abuse by peers and even family members.  She believes that there is no place in the world for hate and abuse.  She also continues to model and has appeared on other TV shows including Dr. Phil.  She has her own Emoji and she’s accomplishing her dreams because she believes in herself and has the passion to reach those goals.

Looking back at her life thus far and what she’s accomplished she realized how important it is to stay true to yourself.  She admits the TV life is fun and adventurous but it can have serious ramifications on your life so know what you are getting into before signing any contracts – especially in reality TV; advice that is valuable to anyone who has a dream of being in TV or movies.  Once it’s out there, it can’t be taken back; it can be fixed but can take an untold amount of time to do so, and failing to know what you are getting into could cost you something you hold dear; which could be your dignity and identity.

She isn’t saying that being on TV is bad, but just be cautious of what you are getting into and make sure that you can have the ability to reject something you don’t stand for.  The way the world knows her from TV and how she is in real life are two polar opposites.  After talking with her in an exclusive interview we can see she is nothing like her TV side.

Alicia also warns the world that what you see on TV isn’t always how it really is in life.  TV is scripted even reality shows so don’t take it all for granted; before you judge someone from what you saw on TV you better get to know them first.

It’s inspiring to see what she overcame to reach her goals and how it’s changed her for a positive because she turned a positive out of a negative.

Continue to follow this one, because she has a lot more stories to tell in her music and continues to drop more amazing photos and singles.  You can check her out at her website where you can find links to all her social media sites, youtube videos, pictures and more


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