Irlene Mandrell Honors Troops and First Responders with New Album


For over 40 years the Mandrell Sisters have entertained the world with their beautiful voices and charisma.  Now the middle sister, Irlene, has released an album that honors her family who served in the military and everyone who proudly served or are currently serving their country in the military or as a first responder.

The title of the album is “Thanks To You”, a compilation of some of the most patriotic songs that personally touched the heart of Irlene, to show the world how proud of our heroes she is.  It’s the singers first solo album and it comes with a very special message.

Her album couldn’t be more timely either.  Since the Viet Nam war, our military has been looked down upon and it’s grown worse since.  When the Viet Nam warriors would return, many experienced extreme backlash and personal attacks by the people who they served. Now we have the NFL taking a knee, and rouge groups attacking our heroes that give them the right to protest.  Ironic isn’t it.

Since the beginning of the United States there has always been one entity to bring us together and protect us from those (internally and externally) that want to destroy us.  Our military is that entity and I believe they will solve this division we’re facing in our country today.  Despite not getting the credit they deserve, they will continue to put their lives at risk to protect us from the same fate; so how do we fix this problem we face?

Irlene’s answer is this album.  Music heals, it inspires, and it honors in so many ways; that’s why this album is so special not only to her but for the men and women that serve this country.  The album will show patriotism to the citizens of this country who listen to it.  It will tell the listeners that they are people too, unselfish people who put the best interest of the people above their own.  The message is not only to honor these individuals but open the eyes of those who listen to how important these individuals are to our lives.

She hopes this album will promote unity in America and stop the divide.

Her album is available in stores and on any major digital distributor like iTunes, Amazon and more.  Just like the Mandrell sisters made history back in the mid 1900’s, she’s continuing to live out her passion for music while making a bold statement on her beliefs and continue the legacy she’s been apart of for over 40 years.


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