Hallmark Channel Kicks Off The Holidays with The Mistletoe Inn


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There is nothing like the Christmas season.  It’s a time to spread good cheer, compassion, and instill love into the lives of people we run into.  We buy gifts for our family and friends, we give to the less fortunate.  We feast on good food and enjoy the company of those we love.

Christmas is a time to bring out our decorations and deck the halls from ceiling to floor.  We do this while listening to Christmas Carols and drinking egg nog.  The one tradition that is always a family favorite is settling down after a crazy day shopping or working, getting in your comfortable pajamas while sitting by the fire and Christmas tree and watch those special Christmas specials on TV.

These specials are something we all look forward to, not only the timeless classics but we look forward to the new specials that will become iconic throughout the years.  To start that tradition in 2017, the Hallmark Channel will premier their new television movie – part of the “Countdown To Christmas” series – “The Mistletoe Inn”.  You can see it on The Hallmark Channel, November 23rd at 8:00 PM (EST).

So when the Turkey dinner is digesting and you want to watch something other than football as you settle in to the 2017 Holiday season, you can turn on the TV and watch Hallmark release more Christmas specials that embody the spirit and meaning of Christmas; something they do so well.

About the Mistletoe Inn:

When an aspiring romance novelist Kim Rossi  played by (Alicia Witt) is unceremoniously dumped by her soon-to-be-published romance novelist boyfriend, Garth played by (Casey Manderson), Kim takes stock and decides to take a leap. She signs up for a romance writing retreat at a quaint Vermont Inn shortly before Christmas, where a top romance novelist is scheduled to attend. Shortly after arriving, she crosses paths with Zeke (David Alpay), whom she initially finds to be intrusive and, naturally, ends up being her assignment partner. Worse yet, her ex-boyfriend, Garth, is also at the retreat. Despite these bumps in the road, Kim steps outside her comfort zone and ends up surprising herself. Equally unexpected is the attraction that seems to be building between her and Zeke that promises to take her down a road she never imagined traveling.

We had the privilege of interviewing Alicia Witt on the AME Radio Show about her role as Kim and we get to understand the movie from the eyes of the actress herself.  Her the interview here:


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