Lies are Truth, Opinions are Facts in the Current Media Realm


Lets face it, the times of Walter Cronkite are over; the time when reporters spoke the facts to educate and inform the readers, viewers or listeners without a political agenda lurking behind their motives.

I grew up admiring these individuals who took an oath to bring truth to light and make the people aware of the world around them; sadly that’s not the case anymore.  Now reporters and commentators are more focused on pushing agendas (left or right) and attacking and dividing.  Looking back through time it’s hard to find a distinctive era where this took place in America.

Don’t get me wrong, this article is not about politics; it is however a piece that vents my frustration with the current state of our media.  I have fact checked dozens of stories over the past several years only to find either a partial truth or one that is simply has a fractional presence in the end presentation.  This is not something we hear coming from the left but the right as well.

The problem is this, we are disguising opinions as facts and pushing lies as truth.  Despite the fact it’s “just a story” the end implications can have a more profound effect, which is something I think these outlets are absolutely aware of and maybe hope comes to fruition.

People today rely on these reports to base their actions on.  For instance lets use the weather as an example.  If the weather man says it’s going to be 90 degrees, sunny and dry most people will choose shorts, a tank top, probably flip flops and sunscreen if they chose to be outside that day.  However what if that was a bold faced lie that the reporter knew about – when he knew it would be cold, rainy and possible sleet and hail; what implications will that lie impose on the viewer who believed his report.

The end result could be they catch a nasty cold expecting heat so they wear light clothes.  Maybe they purchased tickets to a water park or something that they can’t get a refund now and they are out money they desperately could have used on something else.  The list is endless.

Sadly most people don’t double check a report; instead they take it as “the Bible”.  If it was said it must be true right, why would they lie to me?  The media knows this and therefore runs stories where they disguise their “opinion” as a fact or they simply omit important information so it’s a half truth.

Since 2016 my eyes have been opened to the dirty tricks the media plays on the patrons of their outlet.  I too was blindfolded till I stopped one day and said “that seems too far fetched let me check it out”.  I also saw a lot of hate being pushed and that to me was a red flag.

Lets go to a recent story in the news, for this example I will use a report CNN dropped regarding President Trump.  The report was Trump called a few nation “S-ithole Countries”.  My first reaction was WOW, I can’t believe he would say that, the President of the United States.” Even if he’s maybe right or that’s what his opinion is of those countries, you don’t say it aloud.  This put serious strains on our relationships with these countries, it enraged American people from coast to coast and further divided the country – and rightfully so.

Then a few days later several other Senators who were in this meeting came out and said “I’ve never heard him say that.”

Now think about this for a minute.  If these comments were said by President Trump and so many others were offended in the Legislative Branch, why didn’t more people come out and back the accusation that were in that room.  Now lets add another situation to this… the meeting was not taped (audio or video).  Without taping this conversation it put’s the accusers words against Trump – but it also means we can’t prove or disprove the accusation.  If someone was looking to make Trump look bad and this was the PERFECT scenario to do so because it wasn’t taped.  Another thing about this story is with all those being “offended” by this accusation why didn’t more people in the room stand up to Trump.  Why haven’t more people who were in there come out and back the story of the Senator who spilled the beans?

Trump took to Twitter and denied saying anything like that.  A few Senators have come forward since the incident and said “they never heard him say anything like that in the meeting”; so how true is this claim?

Despite him saying it or not the damage is done.  More people are divided, these countries now have strained relationships with the US, and other countries will look down upon us even more.  This could have blown out any negotiation deals or further mutual agreements between the US and these countries should they happen.  Was it worth the loss to just make Trump look bad?

Like Trump or not this didn’t just hurt him if it’s false, it hurt every American.  My opinion is worthless on the subject regarding if he did or didn’t but with more people coming forward defending the President on both sides of the isle I tend to lean towards the fact he didn’t say it.

Lets jump now to other scenarios.  Before the 2016 Presidential election many top rated news outlets took to the air to say “if Trump is elected we will have the worst economic situation ever, the stock market will crash and we may even see another great depression”.  Talk like that would scare the living daylights out of the average American; thus helping to influence the vote.  Since the election our economy (factually backed with research) is at a all time high.

We can go on and on with this.  We’ve seen many serious situations arise regarding the Obama administration and Hillary and others since the election that are serious acts of treason, espionage and other horrible crimes against America.  When they are reporting on these situations they either spend no time reporting on them or they omit a lot of things that are vital to the credibility of the report.  Instead they flip out over the Presidents diet, words he may or may not have said, attacking his clothes or even coming up with false diagnosis of his health (physical and mental).

It’s appalling to see what’s going on.  This is a ploy to divide and push the establishment’s agenda because they have the media eating out of the palms of their hands.  Back in the day reporters would talk about a situation, use credible facts and tell the truth even if it hurt their candidate or friend.  Reporters believed back then that if you tell the truth, the people will make up their own minds even if they rejected the situation.

These actions are simply irresponsible and the consequences of these false stories or facts can destroy America.  Aren’t we supposed to work together?

I don’t care if a fact hurts my candidate, team etc… just report the truth – don’t replace the fact with your opinion – and let me decide.  If you want to specify your opinion that’s fine but inform those that what you are about to say is your opinion and we’ll be fine.   If I decide something based on a lie or half fact the end result could lead to a bigger problem or half success.  As a country we need to demand better from our media sources to provide the truth in an unbias fashion.



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