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Jason Dowd (Founder and Reporter)

In 2008 Jason Dowd established “The Expressionist Magazine”.  The magazine was designed to bring art and appreciation to the world.  As an artist himself, Dowd realized quickly art appreciation doesn’t exist as much today as it was in the past and he was bound to change it.  As the Expressionist Magazine grew he realized he needed to incorporate more and more mediums because art was more than just fine art.  Finally, the magazine outgrew itself and thus needed a facelift, and with that the AME Magazine was born.  The AME (Art, Music and Entertainment) encompasses ever facet of the art and entertainment world.

Dowd was the executive editor for The Expressionist Magazine and remains in the position for The AME Magazine.  To expand the reach to the fans, Dowd hosts a radio show The AME Radio Show which is an audio version of the magazine bringing you great guests and advice for artists of all mediums.  Additionally you will be able to see his live interviews in the AME Television Show.

Dowd has over 20 years in the art industry.  He’s worked with a nationally touring rock band and video taped on CrueFest 2.  He’s created award winning photographs, and produced a variety of great radio shows.  He was a photographic reporter for “The San Diego Voice and Viewpoint” covering Sen. Obama’s only primary campaign stop in Tampa, FL (2008).  He’s the founder of “Imagine-Nation Art Studios” and produces the radio station “AMFM247 Broadcasting Network”.

Kimberly Rebman (Co Founder and Reporter)

Kimberly Rebman is the co-founder of The AME Magazine formally known as “The Expressionist Magazine” which is an online publication.  She is a writer, researcher, interviewer, and the head editor for both magazines.  Kimberly is also the author of Haunted Florida:  A Guide to the Departed Soul.  She is a paranormal investigator and researcher who has been featured in various newspapers and magazines, including Florida International Magazine.  In addition, Kimberly has been interviewed on a variety of paranormal-based radio shows.  Over the last four years, she has also worked on three documentaries regarding topics of the paranormal.  Kimberly formerly was an Early Intervention Specialist at a facility for physically and mentally challenged individuals.  She has a B.A. in Psychology.  Kimberly resides in St. Petersburg, Florida and is a loving mother of two young children, Chauncey and Anabella.  In her spare time, Kimberly enjoys writing, researching history and the paranormal, drawing, studying fashion and make-up design, playing with her children, and decorating her home with antiques.

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Jason Dowd

Jason is the founder of "The AME Experience". He hosts the syndicated AME Radio show and TV show. Jason is an Internationally Exhibiting Photographer and Artist who adores art of all mediums. He is also the founder of "Imagine-Nation Art Studio".331 Articles

Kimberly Rebman