We do not charge anyone a subscription to our magazine or it’s content.  We want it to be free for everyone to access anytime.  We want it to be used as a learning tool or knowledge base.  However our costs still have to be paid so we decided to adopt a donation system.  If you enjoy what you read and you believe in this publication including our radio and TV show then please donate to the cause and help us keep bringing art and entertainment to you.  Donations are made securely through PayPal and any amount is accepted. – THANK YOU!

Advertising Rates

If you are interested in advertising or sponsoring The AME Magazine please contact us directly so we can go over a package that works best for you.  We have rates that allow you to advertise or sponsor one or all three outlets.  We will customize a package that best suits your needs.  Advertising with or sponsoring us shows the world you support the arts.

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