Terms and Conditions

3rd Party Story Submissions

Anyone at anytime may submit a story for inclusion in the AME Magazine.  Upon submission you agree to allow The AME Magazine and it’s publishers, staff and affiliates the ability to publish your story on The AME Magazine (online and in print if applicable).  You agree that all story submissions that are not paid inclusions are not exclusive to The AME Magazine and therefore you may publish the story elsewhere; however if we agree to publish your story in our magazine, should you sell the story to a platform exclusively, we hold the right to deny removal of the article. (see deletion section).  All paid inclusions are EXCLUSIVE to The AME Magazine and become property of this publication.  No other outlet may publish the story without written permission from The AME Magazine.  Author must obtain all photo credits, story credits and submit with the article.  Depending if it’s a paid or non paying inclusion all submissions must accompany a release form prior to publication.

Story Deletion Requests

Should it occur that you need a story or feature to be deleted you may do so by written request (via e mail or physical mail).  There must be a clear precise reason as to why it needs to be deleted.  A generic answer will be denied.  All requests for deletion are at the sole discretion of The AME Senior Editor; who has the right to deny any deletion for any reason.  If your request is approved we will send notification via E Mail.  Should it be denied we will state a reason in writing.  Our publication relies heavily on search engine traffic to generate statistics we use to solicit advertisers and sponsors.  Deleting stories hurts our magazine’s Google and search engine ratings and SEO, and is very expensive to fix a deletion.  Because of the expense should a deletion be required, The AME Magazine’s staff has the right to charge a nominal fee (in writing) to delete the story.  Should we approve a request to delete a story please note it can take an extended amount of time for it to be removed from Google’s index.

Facts/Due Dillegence

We work hard to ensure each story is completely accurate and facts are checked.  However, there may be possibilities in which facts can be wrong or stories change.  In such a case, we would like a respectable notice and we will update the story mentioned.

Story Content About You or Past Interview

We understand that from time to time an article may grow old or outdated with the material as things change for the artist/performer whose art we discussed.  Should it change for any reason, we will not delete the story, instead we will simply update it.  It’s important to the integrity of this magazine that articles are not deleted.  Should you change your name we can reflect that in the title and body of the story.

External Links

External links may be added to the story to enhance the readers experience and drive traffic to your website.  However, bad links hurt our search engine ratings as well.  Therefore this magazine will only place 1 link per story.  Should a link become stale, we will remove it and have the right to remove it without prior authorization.  If we find a link we send people to contains malware, porn or questionable content we will remove it immediately.


Under the 1st Amendment right of the United States Constitution, we have the right to write about anyone or anything or make any critique we wish without their permission.  This magazine, our staff, our writers (independent and hired)  or our affiliates and their families shall not be held liable for any actions that come from a story or critique.


We use photographs for every story we publish.  We obtain rights to use these photos and that right (unless otherwise stated) is not able to be cancelled giving us the right to use the photo.  Should your position change and you want a photo removed, we will oblige pending another is sent in it’s place.  Also should a story need to have the credits updated with names or additional names we will promptly update photo and story credits to reflect the correct name(s) of the people involved.  All changes should be submitted in writing to avoid any type errors.